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Der 7/20/2019

Fest noz

Skate park - Ocean Boulevard

From 8:30 pm, initiation to Breton dance with the group of dancers "Damgwenn", come and beat the pavement.

To continue the evening, pure traditional with KANERION AN DRINDED, consisting of two singers kan ha diskan (a capella singing).

And the group WIPIDOUP, founded by Gildas Le Buhé, Breton singer and musician; has become for dancers as many music lovers, a reference in Breton music. The step of the quartet: find the trance by the variation of the theme and the composition.

With its three albums, the group offers a music drone out of the ordinary.


Organization: Damgan City Hall - Event Service


Boulevard de l'océan Skate-park 56750 DAMGAN

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